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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Greenleaf - Rise Above The Meadow

Alright - right off the bat I'll admit that Greenleaf is a pretty funny name for a band. I kind of like how the name itself is the kind of thing that could only be really conjured up whilst smoking some green leaf, if you know what I mean. Now that the obligatory pot joke is out of the way I gotta say = this band is far more than just a side project, even if, six albums in the band has been through countless lineup changes.  These guys are fun loving and exciting - they stand for something greater than themselves and represent Swedens new wave of rock and roll.

Even though it would be very easy for Rise Above The Meadow with its star studded lineup and glittering history to be nothing more than one long weed joke  Greenleaf aspire to be something greater. Their new record relies on vibes, powerful songwriting and a sense of musical crescendos and decrescendos that will resonate with all of us. This is a band who speak to a darker reality, one that we can all relate to and that perhaps only becomes clear when the magical leaf comes to free the mind. The point being - the bands trademark throb is easy to fall in love with and diving into their reassuring drone provides almost Uncle Acid-esque levels of heavy metal purity.

There is something strangely visceral about Rise Above The Meadow in the way that it feels so wonderfully organic. It's hard to want to separate yourself from a band who so brilliantly weave their way in and out of distinct sonic landscapes. There is a touching crash and a fitting pulse to the sounds on Rise Above The Meadow and the deeper you delve into their stoner rock magic the harder it becomes to deny what this band stands for - they aren't just rock and rollers, they have the capacity to be legends in their own lifetimes - and don't  you forget it.

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