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Friday, February 12, 2016

Inverloch - Distance | Collapsed

Inverloch is one of those bands who walk that delicate line between powerful funeral doom and devastating death metal. Few records are as truly heavy, emotionally and sonically as Inverloch's latest, Distance | Collapsed. Reminiscent of bands like Bell Witch and Saturnus (Although not without its Asphyx-esque passages) this is a record that resonates with the listener, every note mournfully plucked and the crashing chords representing a sort of dystopian fall into a future of bleak hatred.

Compositionally Distance | Collapsed is an absolute stunner of a record. It takes the listener on a journey from start to finish and paints unique landscapes. Inverloch have taken traditional death doom paradigms and infused it with a sort of neo-classical beauty. There is something incredibly poignant about a song like From The Eventide Pool. It fits in nicely to the greater concepts that Inverloch paints on this album. Meanwhile - the few moments of death metal absolution are stunning, coming in as refreshing blasts on a record that some might criticize as 'too slow'. For what is essentially a funeral doom record Inverloch are surprisingly dangerous.

Distance | Collapsed is the sound of some sort of gigantic beast. While its repose is noble, elegant even, when you awaken the rage all hell breaks loose and you feel the world melting around you. The devastating crush and funereal might of the faster songs on this record are a perfect counterpoint to that which comes before - standing for something far greater and proving that death metal isn't just a question of speed, but also primitive skullfucking brutality. Inverloch aren't here to mess around, they come from Down Under and they will you pull you down with them.

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