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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Magrudergrind - II

Magrudergrind have always strck me as devastatingly heavy, terrifyingly bleak and generally just a band you do not want to fuck with. Loud, proud and incredibly intelligent their latest record II is a testament to all that the band has stood for over the years. Intense, absurd and over the top this record has certainly been worth the 6 year hiatus. From start to finish this is an unsurprisingly rapid listen, and beyond that it stands out as  record that burns. The sheer intensity of songs like Relentless Hatred is maddening and leaves you coming back constantly for more.

A huge part of what gets me about II is the sheer quality of the riffs. The punchiness an the demented groove of each and every one of these songs makes II a very memorable release, and beyond that an album that has actual songs. The mastery of punishing aural abuse though is perhaps best personified through the devastating vocals of Avi Kulawy. The way that they feel like a natural extension on the singer and are so evidently full of raw energy makes me want to get up and hate mosh across my parents kitchen. Coming across in crushing staccato bursts you barely get a gasp for air, meaning that when the record ends you find yourself panting and begging for more.

There's been a bit of a to-do about how II debuted on NPR, but after repeated listenings here is the conclusion I have come to. NPR is meant to cultivate culture that is relevant to the nation and as I pick apart II I have to say - I don't think that there are any other hardcore bands out thre right now that are quite as relevant to the United States and the world at large. Margudergrind are proving that hardcore is high art and II is perhaps their crowning achievement. This is an album that only gets better and forces us all to bend the knee - Magrudergrind are the new kings of grindcore.

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