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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Body - No One Deserves Happiness

The Body are becoming the band that they were always meant to be. With recent years seeing them engaging in a plethora of collaborations and weird little side projects they have now unleashed their first true full length in two years - and by god is it a crusher. An album based on contrasts No One Deserves Happiness sports a crude drawing of Full Of Hell's Spencer Hazard on the cover and delves into a unique and brainy exploration of human suffering with a sort of demented glee. Trance like and surreal this is an album that will make you feel the pain of the ages.

The two aspects of this record that most fans will immediately notice are the female cleans found throughout (Provided by Assembly of Light Choir’s Chrissy Wolpert and Maralie Armstrong) and the periodic use of electronic drums. While these ideas have been touched on in The Body's collaborations it's interesting to hear them in a context of a record meant to represent solely this band. Toss in a few weirder psyched out guitar sounds and you find yourself staring down the barrel of one of the most horrific records to hit sludge fans ears in a good long while. Of course - all of this is nicely juxtaposed against the shrieks, riffs, and devastating drums that have defined the band for so long - making this an album that explore the very boundaries of sound.

The Body have by now almost fully left behind sludge metal as a concept but still manage to sound very much like their own thing. Despite the fact that No One Deserves Happiness leaves almost all of their other non-collab material behind in the dust it still very much sounds like The Body and it hints at even greater things to come from these Portland based maniacs. This is a band who break all the rules, who seek to expand their sound and want you to join them in suffering. If you aren't ready for the end - then don't press play.

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