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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Primitive Man/Northless Split

If you've been paying any attention to the oppressive doom scene lately then you know that you really don't get better than Primitive Man or Northless - so the fact that now we get them on a split record should definitely make your ears perk up. Endlessly tortured and incredibly heavy this is a record for the ages - an album that stands out, far beyond its peers because of the demented glory found within. This is pure sonic absolution in its heaviest, most unapologetic form. If you can't find it in yourself to love this split, then you might just want to leave the hall.

There is a very real sense of ultimate chaos on this record - as if by the time you finish it there will never be hope, justice or order again. Both bands plumb deep into the depths of human agony here and force you to face the darker side of humanity. Primitive Man us their trademark 'heavier-than-thou' sound to craft music that leaves you gasping for air. Then you flip the the record and every crashing chord of Northless's side of the split absolutely punches you in the gut. The frenzied magic of the band is perfectly counterbalanced by their inherent sense of horror and giving us a chance to feel a pain we might never fully grasp.

It's easy to fall into this record, there is something all encompassing about it, the depth of the sound and purity of the atrocities within is undeniable. The deeper you delve the more you realize - things don't get better, at the bottom of the well there is no hope, only sorrow - but the pained cries of both vocalists, almost torn from their bodies come together to create a single powerul artistic statement. Sure - these bands have different sounds, but they complement each other, and when you come to the deeply emotional conclusion of Wasted Breath you can't help but a shed a tear in honor of all that has come to pass.

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