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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rotting Christ - Rituals

Alright guys - I think I finally get Rotting Christ - lord knows it took me long enough. Now though after years of trying to get into the band everything has clicked. Rituals isn't just a great black metal album, it is a great piece of music. Fusing languages, ideas and sounds from all over the world and melding them in a way that only Rotting Christ truly can Rituals sees the band putting together material that is super mature and beyond that - poetically structured. This is an album that is overarching and dominant - black metal for the ages.

As you delve ever deeper into this record it's hard to deny the sort of ephemeral magic it represents. Rather than a band like Behemoth which is bombastic almost to a fault, Rotting Christ understand the inherent drama of this kind of music and use it to cultivate a sound that few of their peers could really compare to. What really gets me about Rituals is how their is a very distinct crush behind the music, as if every step taken with the pounding bass guitar is another inch that the nails are pounded into your flesh. This is an album that takes the frenetic energy of black metal as well as its root magic to create something totured and refreshing... kind of like a Bud Light.

One thing that I would be to remiss to ignore would be the use of language on this record. You see, of course the bands native Greek as well as English, but also Sanskrit, and French among others. Some of this is aided by guest vocalists (Like on Les Litanies De Satan) but a lot of it seems to be from the bands own head - proving just how much Rotting Christ have grown since their deathgrind roots. Rituals takes black metal to a whole new level and represents everything that I love about the genre - Rotting Christ are true masters of the genre, and if you can't accept that then leave the hall.

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