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Friday, March 25, 2016

Binary Code - Moonsblood

Binary Code is one o those progressive metal bands that not only serve as mainstays of the scene but who also have such a ridiculous well of talent that it feels like they can't help but to grow what the music can be. So sure, their new record Moonsblood adheres to a lot of more typical prog and mainstream metal tropes, but it also shows a band who have the brains to make music the likes of which may never be seen again. There is something undeniably vast about Moonsblood and it will capture the imagination.

One of the things that repeatedly impresses me about this particular release is that though there are quite a few more squirrely, bordering on tech death moments, the band still manages to couch it in a more comfortable sound. They never seem to want to flaunt their skill, it merely seems to come out as a natural product of the types of songs that they want to write. The mix of cleans and growls, and the various degrees between which are represented here are a hell of a lot of fun, it helps to give the album a wonderfully diverse sound, and the choral synth parts provide a refreshing contrast to heavier moments. 

So while yes, there are a few flashes that feel contrived, or see the band getting a little lost up their own asses Moonsblood is a definite step forward for the group. There is a very real sense of groove here, and the forward motion represented in tracks like Trees 100ft Underwater helps to showcase the majesty of what Binary Code have developed here. This album is masterfully contrived, from start to finish the orchestral padding and insane guitar work come together to form something that goes beyond prog and hints at the true potential of the band. 

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  1. Interesting. The band shared this on their page then deleted it.