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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tournament - Teenage Creature

It's always nice when you stumble across a release that invokes the true power of rock and roll. The psyched out freaky vibes out Tournament and their noisy masterpiece, Teenager Creature is a perfect example of this. An album that is at once reminiscent of The MC5 and Kvelertak the band has managed to distill the unique power of rock and roll into a handful of tracks. This is an album that refuses to fuck around but instead which drives forward with a inhuman might, pounding through the streets and reminding us that rock and roll can still be dangerous.

The thing that really gets me about Teenage Creature is the sheer chaos of the sound. It almost reminds me of early Donnas. The band is driving forward at a million miles an hour, but it feels like they could call apart at any moment - which is exactly why I love the music so much. Tournament have captured the magic of basement jam sessions and turned up half stacks in tiny rooms. It gives Teenage Creature a rather organic feel. Obviously the garage rock vibe helps, but it's more than that. The quasi improvised magic of a song like Biff's Future perfectly encapsulates the weirdness that rightfully defines this band.

Is Teenage Creature breaking the rules or redefining what rock and roll can be? No, not really. But that's not the point. What this album is doing is proving that there is still a place for those who love it loud and who just want to turn it up and vibe out to some crazy songs about the pain and beauty of existence. Tournament reflect the human condition because they truly comprehend how rock and roll should be interfacing with it. So sit down, turn it up and let's go - this is a band who could save us all. 

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