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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Davie Allan/Joel Grind - Split

Today in unlikely splits we have Davie Allan going head to head with Joel Grind on a fascinating little seven inch that highlights the musical triumphs of both artists. Unafraid to let the listener get lost in weird, Blue Cheer-esque soundscapes the fuzzed out surf rock represented here sounds quite literally unlike anything else on the Relapse roster. That being said - it isn't supposed to. Instead you find yourself listening to some screwed up and powerful music that is a testament to both artists raw talent.

Davie Allan kicks the split off with a pair of songs that evidence all of this exciting jangly majesty. There is something strangely regal about what's going on with Davie Allan's contribution here. Though it remains bizarre and in a world of its own you get a sense for the years of hard work that the man has poured into his travails. Point being, his music is a hell of a lot of fun. Joel Grind's side of things is slightly shorter and you can see touches of his thrash metal roots peeking up through a gloriously psychedelic fabric. With frenetic picking and tasty synths padding out the sound he has gotten to the very essence of the genre.

If you're a fan of outer sounds you're going to find a lot to enjoy here. Davie Allan and Joel Grind build off of each other on this EP - they generate higher levels of intensity and conjure up soundscapes of a sort I've never really heard before. It's fascinating to pick apart the fusion of bizarro sounds and almost Beach Boys-esque moments represented here. This split is certainly going to take a few listens for even serious fans to 'get' but once you dive in there's no reason to pull your way back out.

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