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Monday, March 7, 2016

Gadget - The Great Destroyer

Gadget is one of those bands who kids like me are a little to young to have gotten into the first time around. Yet now that they are back with The Great Destroyer, their first new release in more than ten years I'm kind of freaking out. The bands trademark grind sound, with massive riffs, thudding bass lines and utterly devastating vocals speaks to a different level of grindcore mastery. The Great Destroyer is an album that punishes the listener, it comes searing out the gate and then proceeds to break every bone in your body.

There is something wondrous in the noisy absolution that Gadget provide here. Though things tend to be largely bass centric the manic guitar playing with all of its distorted bliss makes a song like Choice Of A Lost Generation endlessly exciting. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of The Great Destroyer though is their trademark groove. Sure, they're not afraid to straight up go for the throat with a wealth of blast beats, but they also know how to couch it in something a little more identifiable - there is a method to the madness. With songs that were apparently written to provoke mosh pits, The Great Destroyer is pure fucking energy.

There is something absolutely monstrous about Gadget. Even when the slow down and embrace the sludgy churn of a track like Dedication, you can't help but to feel a little bit terrified. This is a band who can do just about everything and they flawlessly integrate elements far outside the grindcore palette into their sound. If The Great Destroyer is a sign of things to come then the future of this band is in a great place. They are on track to be bigger and better than ever before - get on board the bandwagon before it leaves without you.

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