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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rotten Sound - Abuse To Suffer

There is something strangely cleansing about grindcore. Its a genre that takes no prisoners, that comes out of the gates and makes sure that you know what you are going to get. There is no subtlety, at least not in Rotten Sound's music - and that's totally fine. In fact - if Abuse To Suffer tried to be subtle it would only feel disingenuous and leave the listener frustrated. Instead Rotten Sound are unleashing what they do best, balls out grindcore with more than a touch of Napalm Death worship for good measure.

The definitive grooves and authoritative crunch of Rotten Sound has only improved over the years. That being said, while there certainly are moments that feel more refined (Or dare I say regal?) that doesn't mean that Rotten Sound are unwilling to periodically come out and smash your skull in with music so raw you can't help but suffer. Just listen to a track like Extortion And Blackmail and try to deny the manic energy of Abuse To Suffer. Rotten Sound get the chaos this type of music is supposed to have, but they also infuse it with a healthy dose of political awareness and songwriting know how in order to achieve some next level shit.

So let yourself get lost in the crushing, swirling madness of Abuse To Suffer. This isn't just a grindcore record. This is an album that makes you feel pain on an existential level. This is a release that grabs you by the throat and slowly chokes all of the air out of you. Abuse To Suffer is the sound of you brains being grinded out of your skull, and Rotten Sound know it. Unafraid to slow done and expand a decades old sonic palate Abuse To Suffer sees Rotten Sound transcending past boundaries and forming a bold new future

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