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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wormed - Krighsu

When I first got the new Wormed in my inbox my immediate reaction was "Fuck yeah, new Wormed!" It then proceeded to get drowned in the hundreds of promos I get. I finally got around to listening to this album last night and holy shit is it good. Obsessed with Sci Fi, impossibly brutal, and featuring some of the best guttural growls I have heard in a good long while this is the real deal. Possibly the heaviest, most squirrely death metal album of the year with Krighsu Wormed continue to do what they do best - wreck shit.

The thing is - despite how wonderfully technical Wormed can be (One need look no further than the finger breaking first track to realize this) they seem to be aware of how masturbatory they are and they channel their flurries of notes into something greater. Rather than just showing off they have made Krighsu possibly their most oppressive record yet. The grooves are punishing, staccato beats contrast with inhuman assaults, even the chugs feature frills worthy of Suffocation. Wormed have pushed all the boundaries with Krighsu and we are left suffocating under simply monstrous walls of noise.

Brian Posehn has that joke about how death metal sounds like a bunch of demons having a fight - nowhere is this more true than in the music of Wormed. Krighsu devastates the listener, every chord seems wrenched out of hell and the apocalyptic soundscapes the band paints with songs like Agliptian Codex Cyborgization (How's THAT for a great example of Death Metal English) resonate with the listener for days. In a world filled with boring ass techdeath Wormed are a cut above - get on it.

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