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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sinistro - Semente

I love how Season Of Mist is slowly moving from being a metal label to putting out just progressively weirder shit. It's part of what makes them so fascinating to me and what gets me coming back time after time. Their latest offering is Semente a powerful doom rock release from Portuguese metal freaks Sinistro. Here's a band who unleash a sort of antediluvian might with very crashing chord and whose unique soundscapes are going to grind you into a dust. Feeling the crush and oppression of this record on your ears is a pleasure and hints at the true magic of the band.

There is a potent sense of forward motion in this record that stops it from ever getting lost up is own ass. Instead, Semente trudges forward, every devastating chord falling in just the right place, the powerful and resonant sounds emanating from their distinct guitar tone and unique soundscapes wind their way into the listeners heart. There is something strangely reassuring about the throb encapsulated here. It's almost like the album has a pulse of its own, one that you find yourself becoming progressively more enamored with the deeper that you delve into it, pulling apart layers of delicate female vocals and art rock mastery.

Few records come across as fully formed and beautifully refined as Semente. The sheer power of the compositions at hand is stunning and its easy to get lost in their own momentum. Sinistro are, if nothing else, incredible songwriters and they have managed to craft music that sounds truly unique. Sure you can find ties to the old masters, but at the end of the day, Sinistro have pushed the boundaries of what's possible in rock music using the sort of raw talent that can not be put into mere words.

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