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Monday, March 28, 2016

Fister/TEETH - Split

Another day, another great split from Broken Limbs, who, I gotta emphasize, are killing it lately with all the good material they've been able to put out. This latest split sees two of dooms finest, and harshest acts coming together to create some potent music that forces you to dwell on the eternal sorrow of the human condition and which tears at the heart strings showing us that while there really may be no hope, that no matter what, we have to persist and find a way through the madness. Grating, loud, and full of the fucked up magic that makes doom so potent, this is a split for the ages.

Fister kick off the split with six and a half minute of tortured madness. The initial scream, layered in vocal effects sets the tone for the entire record. You find yourself falling perpetually forward, enamored in the roaring majesty and inherent evil of what these St Louis freaks have been able to cultivate here. It's a song that makes you question the existence of a loving God, because how could He allow something so wonderfully vile to exist. Meanwhile, TEETH lunge forward with their own heavier than though riffs and dungeon production resonating out across the ages. There is something antediluvian about how TEETH go for the throat and make you suffer through ages of torment and unforgiving aural blasphemies.

These bands have come together thuogh to contribute tom something that is distinctly larger than the sum of its parts. The gloomy trudge that both groups represent, be it Fister's bombastic beauty or TEETH's stripped down madness resonates deep in the human soul. These are bands who understand the darker side of the human condition and are unafraid to crat unqiue music that will alienate the majority but mean the world to those humble few who have been able to dig through the layers and find a reason to carry on.

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