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Monday, April 18, 2016

Deathstorm - Blood Beneath The Crypts

Man - I love the blistering energy of thrash metal, especially on those cozy spring evenings when you're casually ignoring all of the problems that you need to deal with in your real life. There is something strangely therapeutic about the breakneck pace of Deathstorm's latest release, the triumphant Blood Beneath The Crypts (Hell yeah these dudes get a ton of metal points) Deathstorm is a band who know how to deliver riffs upon riffs, mixing Slayer worship with enough new school madness to make for an absolute motherfucker of a record.

If there is a complaint that need to be made about Blood Beneath The Crypts it's that Deathstorm flaunt their influences a little bit obviously. The cries of "Mutilation" on the track Splending Mutilation for example feel very Schuldiner-esque. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, since all of Deathstorm's influences kick ass, but it's definitely something you need to be aware of. There are even a few more modern ideas that impact the sound and keep things exciting, bu by and large, Deathstorm are fans of the old stuff, combining Slayer, Death Angel and bands of their ilk into a ferocious, mindmelting sonic slaughter.

Obsessed with gore and the power of horror movies Blood Beneath The Crypts can be a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. Deathstorm know what it means to rage and their balls out assault on your ears is way too much fun. After all - these are one of the few bands who really do justice to Kerry King' crazed solo style whilst simultaneously balancing it with more grandiose concepts and even touches of a certain Mr. Skolnick. Blood Beneath The Crypts is a thrash metal fans thrash record, and if you don't like it, then you were never welcome anyway.

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