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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Farflung - 5

Longtime readers know that I am a huge dork for Hawkwind - so when I got the promo material for a stoner metal band who apparently worship those guys as much as I do I couldn't help but to press play. I was not disappointed. The crushing heaviness, weird ethereal soundscapes, and the eternal sense of loud that defines this record is encapsulating. Farflung have managed to distill the attitudes of the old gods into something powerful and new in order to take an oftentimes derivative genre somewhere I think it has never been before.

Heavy Psych Sounds are one of the most exciting labels in the world because they are some of the only ones discovering stuff like this. The weird magic that comes from repetitive, ethereal vocal patterns and open soundscapes that are heavy on flanger pedals and other unorthodox effects makes for a listening experience that borders on transcendent. Yet, despite all odds, Farflung are able to keep a sense of forward momentum. Rather than getting lost up their own asses they continue to cultivate something grandiose and real engaging the listener and showing a path to absolution through the beautiful madness that defines them.

As you listen to 5 it feels like this is a band who should have grown up parallel to Hawkwind. After all, they even get the legendary Nik Turner to do a guest spot. Also featured on the record are David Catching and Gene Trautmann, both known for their work with Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal. Even the gods realize how incredibly good Farflung are and they have come down to work with them. This is a band who are going to expand the world of stoner rock far beyond anything anyone could have anticipated. Are you ready to take a ride?

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