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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birth Of Joy - Get Well

Birth Of Joy is one of those fascinating, brainy progressive(ish) stoner(ish) rock bands who have an incredible understanding of what rock and roll should be. There is something wonderfully weird and just a tad 'out there' about their latest offering, Get Well. Part of the beauty of Get Well is that the album far more accurately reflects a psychedelic experience than many of their so called 'stoner' peers, even if they do bring in some of those elements. Birth Of Joy have captured my imagination because, above all else, their sound is organic.

It's rare these days that you get music you can truly vibe out too. Birth Of Joy seem to want to make that a key point of their work though. Th album transcends common limitations and embraces a sense of sonic upheaval that leaves you traversing oceans of sound of a sort that perfectly fuse the magic of the 60s and 70s with more modern ideas. Get Well is an album that speaks to the heart, resonating across the sands of time to create a piece of music that is fuzzed out and bizarre, otherworldly and strangely magical, a tribute to the beautiful soundworlds and transcendent power that great rock and roll should easily embrace.

So no - there aren't any especially standout tracks or riffs on this record, but that's not really the point. The point is that this band has created an overarching piece of art. They have put together an album that works as a slow burn, a gentle caress into the world of aural satisfaction. There are a lot of weird things that might alienate you about Get Well, yet upon repeated listens it becomes clear that these elements are really only there to help evolve the whole and to prove that above all things rock and roll is a living, breathing entity. 

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