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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Helen Money and Magma at Le Poisson Rouge

It's always nice when I get to go to an early show and then make my way home early and relax with a drink with some buddies. Such was the case this evening with Helen Money and Magma at Le Poisson Rouge, a somewhat legendary venue in the ever magical New York City. The two acts represented tonight were fairly different an yet aesthetically they fit almost perfectly, nicely demonstrating the excellence of Nanotear and the magic that live music should have in a world where tastes are increasingly diversified.

To be totally honest with you, though I've known about Magma for a while, I really came for Helen Money, and I was not disappointed by her entrancing live performance. She's the type of musician who exists in a universe that is wholly her own. Their is a very profound magic to what she's doing, and the very visceral, monochromatic soundscapes that she paints with her surprisingly elegant approach to the cello entrances the listener. Helen Money is a truly one of a kind artist and it's easy to fall in love with the beautiful sound she's crafted simply because she's the rare musician who has been able to cultivate a truly unique idea and turn it into something transcendent.

Magma of course were endlessly impressive Though I had that weird thing where everyone at the show seemed to be a nerd for the band but me, I still had a good time. Magma are simply too talented to ignore. They are known for teir endlessly impressive, their multipart harmonies, rotating time signatures and unique song structures (Often bleeding well over half an hour) But it gives a sense of regal dominance to the music. Magma are powerful because they are endlessly weird, and so much of the music we love has directly evolved from them. They captured the hearts of Le Poisson Rouge and the hundreds gathered were awestruck in an experience that could only be described as religious. Magma are gods in their own lifetime, and they know it.

And so I dipped out into the night. Like I said - it was an early show and I felt weird being home as early as I was - and yet somehow that seemed to only contribute to the evening. Magma is the sort of thing that is so intense that to take it in one late night sitting would be far too intense of a commitment. Rather - the musician on this tour need to be slowly digested, allow them to become a part of your life and slowly fall in love. Helen Money and Magma are among the great artists of our time, and we should never forget that.


  1. This is actually a photo I took from the tour from 2015 at the same venue. You should've asked to use this shot and at the very least had the decency to provide a photo credit. Greg Cristman |

  2. Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers from venues in Houston for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at this lovely place.