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Friday, April 1, 2016

Visions Of Atlantis - Old Routes - New Waters

Visions Of Atlantis have always held a distinct appeal to me - the fact that pretty much every song is a duet, and uses that interplay of male and female to take the genre to exciting new places is impressive. I've always wondered why more bands don't emulate Visions of Atlantis, because as their new line up proves on Old Routes - New Waters if you can master these ideas then you can get some results that sound unique and are almost inevitably really fucking good. I'm glad to see Visions Of Atlantis are back - power metal needs them.

Usually when a band comes at you with their first release with a new lineup things feel unsure and frequently ideas and talents aren't fully developed upon. Fortunately this is not the case for Old Routes - New Waters it feels like this particular incarnation of Visions Of Atlantis is stronger than ever. They have a sound that is simply monstrous, reaching far beyond many of their peers in order to craft soundworlds that prove Visions Of Atlantis are in a league of their own. Sure - the get a little lost in swords and sorcery lyrics and overtly enamored with the operatic female cleans, but cut them some slack - this album makes for a good time any way you cut it. 

So come with me and get lost in the beautiful orchestral magic of Visions Of Atlantis. To often e get caught up in the world of death and black metal and forget that there can be moments of true light and peace in this music. Old Routes - New Waters sees Visions Of Atlantis returning to past glories and refining a sound that goes above and beyond its peers. Are Vision Of Atlantis a little over the top? Yeah. But quite honestly, as I come back to this record for spin after spin I realize that I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. It's real great and powerfull and I love this Band so much!
    A Fan from France