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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Imperial Triumphant - Inceste

Inceste EP cover art

Redefining Darkness Records and Imperial Triumphant have been among the most interesting labels and avant metal bands respectively. The latest release from Imperial Triumphant, Inceste stands proudly as proof of this. Featuring samples of weird French songs balanced against ferocious black metal riffs and intense, almost trance like guitar passages Imperial Triumphant have been able to refine something transcendent and cleansing with Inceste, speaking to the burning, beautiful power that this kind of music can have.

The contrasts that this record is built on are what makes it so intense. There is something truly fascinating about how Inceste manages to invoke powerful sounds and unique ideas as you navigate a soundworld of endless possibility. The bands willingness to borrow from all sides of the metal spectrum is powerful. The thing is, unlike many of their peers who try to emulate the bands chaotic and widespread sound, Imperial Triumphant actually manage to transcend common limitations because the musicians involved are just so god damn good. Inceste fascinates because it embraces its own inherent weirdness and encourages you to embrace the most bizarre moments of the record.

Simply put, Imperial Triumphant is rock and roll taken to the logical conclusion. It is a record that rages harder and gets stranger than almost anything to have come before. The compositions are the true highlight of the record and there is something endlessly fascinating about he way that Imperial Triumphant are able to craft songs. Inceste is an album that will carry you forward through darkness and the light because it is able to capture all aspects of the human condition and guide you into bizarre and beautiful futures.

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