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Friday, April 15, 2016

Satyricon - Nemesis Divina

Man, I had forgotten how much I loved Satyricon. With all the metal I have to listen to sometimes I let a band slip through the cracks for far too long and I don't revisit their discography for years at a time. Satyricon use their latest offering, Nemesis Divina to thoroughly kick my ass and remind me why these guys are, to so may, the be all and end all of black metal. This is a band who will crush your skull and their latest record, built upon all the torment that has dominated Satyr's life lately (Poor dude had a brain tumor) you can't help but admire what they have done.

The beauty of Nemesis Divina is that though yes, it has a lot of the old school black metal magic that has made me love the band for so long it also brings in a fair degree of new wave elements to pad out the sense of overarching chaos and perpetual destruction. The balance of dark and light gives the album a very real and strangely visceral beauty that few of their peers can compare too. Simply put, Nemesis Divina is a potent continuation on everything that this band has been able to craft and refine over the past few years. This is an album that captures your heart and brings you to a land beyond, giving you hope for a grimmer tomorrow.

Nemesis Divina is the kind o record that you don't just dive into but that you pick apart and fall in love with. With tasteful keyboards and vicious riffs adding to the wondrous bombast of this band Satyricon have gone above and beyond with this album. They prove that they are more than just black metal gods, but a band who elevate the genre, and the discussion around it to a new level. If you're not ready to embrace the primeval madness that Satyr invokes here then perhaps Satyricon was never meant for you.

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