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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nemesea - Uprise

Napalm Records have been able to cultivate a potent reputation for themselves as the home to countless top notch female fronted symphonic metal bands. Uprise is clearly trying transcendent, the kind of album that speaks to the heart, but, as good as Uprise is the band hasn't quite hit the mark I think they were aiming for. That is not to say that Nemesea is over ambitious, merely that they are still evolving and becoming a part of something greater than themselves, using synth washed magic to capture the hearts of the masses.

There is a profound beauty to what Nemesea have managed to craft here. Uprise is strongest when it is at its most anthemic. The powerful wails on the album closer signify the climax of the album ,signifying all that this band is capable of and hinting at where they could potentially go. Nemesea have a clear sense of groove, and though the guitar tone could definitely be touched up the spiraling riffs that define this record are rather enjoyable. What really puts Uprise on the up and up as it were though is the use of synths. While often understated when they come on they just become all the more powerful.

So - I am sincere in my appreciation of Nemesea, the fundamental problem though is that the band is still growing. There fundamental concepts are strong, but the Evanescence worship needs to be toned down before they really step beyond. So while yeah - Evanescence is a great band, Nemesea have the potential to go beyond. The folks in this band are clearly very talented, listening to them evolve will be a pleasure. They know their strengths, let's hope they continue to build on them as they forward with Napalm!

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