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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Convalescence - Poison Words

The Convalescence is a fascinating band to say the least. They do a little bit of everything and as I dug through their latest offering Poison Words I was struck by the variety of influences, with everything from Carcass and At The Gates to My Dying Bride and even a bit of Darkthrone. Hell - there are even moments on this record that remind me of glitchhop. Poison Words is an ambitious release, and the fact of the matter is that The Convalescence manage to execute on every single one of these tracks, but at times the music sounds a bit too diverse.

These guys are clearly incredibly talented musicians, and I actually love that they were willing to take on just about everything. The fact that there is no specific genre behind the music in a way comes to define The Convalescence's sonic aesthetic. The issue is though that at times you feel a little bit lost, the fact that these guys can do anything and everything ends up being a little distracting. At the same time - this also invites repeat listens. What better reason to pick apart an album again and again  than the fact that it simply sounds like nothing else you have ever heard? Poison Words is a triumphant release that opens up all sorts of fascinating soundworlds that I can't help but to fall in love with. 

Long story short - I really, really enjoy this record. But I think that The Convalescence may have the potential to go so much further. They clearly have the chops to do whatever the fuck they want - now we just need to see them develop on it and take that sound to a new level. There is an intrinsic magic to a record that sounds this'huge' and it's guaranteed to keep you interested. Listening to this band hone down their sound though is what's going to be truly exciting  because they could very well be gods in their own lifetimes. 

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