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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow

Nothing have been among the most highly touted acquisitions by Relapse in recent years, and their latest offering, the transcendent, intergalactic masterpiece that is Tired Of Tomorrow. This is an album that manages to amaze the listener in every aspect of its existence, from its amazing cover art to the thrilling and entrancing sounds found within. Shockingly beautiful and endlessly inviting, Tired Of Tomorrow is an album that uses lush soundscapes and a vivid songwriting style to set up a bitter reflection on the human condition.

Upon first glance it might seem odd for me to bill an album that sounds so pretty as a truly dark release, but in the context of song titles like Our Plague and Everyone is Happy one finds that Nothing are singing about more than just... well, nothing. There is something overarchingly beautiful about this record though. The bands high production qualities re not to be missed out on, and the tripped out, spaced vocals will capture your imagination as you ride a sea of despair. Nothing are a shoegaze band who understand the true meaning of heavy, and as you spiral through their forgotten landscapes you can't help but fall in love with the ghost of what used to be.

It's a pleasure to have albums like this to fall back on - records that comfort you through the dark times, not with harsh soundscapes and a bitter sense of humor, but magical reality. Nothing speak to the heart, but their music manages to be more than just synth padded bullshit. They have tapped into something that resonates and allows you to find moments of peace despite storms that may trouble the mind. In other words, Nothing are the band for their time and place, and may soon become the band of a whole generation.

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