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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Polar - No Cure No Saviour

Hardcore has been going to some very interesting places in the last few years, and Polar are one of the greatest examples of this. Their unique brand of post hardcore with a sound featuring powerful choruses and strangely ambient passages is extremely exciting to nerds like me. See, No Cure No Saviour elevates the genre and the dialog around it by being in a weird way, all encompassing. This is a band who drive straight to the heart with a sonic attack that few of their peers could ever dare to match.

One o the things that impresses me abut Polar is that even though they are unafraid to incorporate a seemingly endless stream of exciting new elements into their music they always tie it back to more traditional hardcore roots. Some songs are reminiscent of Hatebreed, while others have a brutarian stomp that proves the bands love for the genre. The melodic lines and lush production only serve to make the genre go beyond. No Cure No Saviour is an album that transcends hardcore, but does it in a way that remains human. Rather than trying to embrace hypocritical and corny metalcore tropes Polar have crafted what is very much their own thing.

Even after one listen you find yourself falling in love with what No Cure No Saviour have done here. Why? Because they get it. This is a band who are totally in touch with the inner strength of heavy music, and are able to wield it effectively. Rather than being another bunch of lame-ass posers who leave you bored and tired, No Cure No Saviour shows us a band who know how to write a kickass breakdown, but then make that flow into a beautiful acoustic intro. There IS a place for top notch musicianship in hardcore, and Polar are taking us there.

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