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Monday, April 4, 2016

Schammasch - Triangle

It's rare that I find a triple(!) record that I truly dig from front to back. Most of the time triple records, hell even double records, sound far too long, lost up their own asses and utterly useless with too much filler to be worth listening to. This is not the case with Triangle an album that sees three distinct movements to show the sonic supremacy of Schammasch. This is one of the most ambitious releases I have heard in a good long while, but Schammasch nail it, echoing everyone from Behemoth to Pallbearer.

The sheer musical talent represented is nuts too. Schammasch reflect the entire power of the underground in broad and beautiful strokes. There is a sort of overwhelming sense of transcendence to what is being done here to the point that to listen to the entire release from front to back is not a chore but a pleasure. As a a matter of fact, one I got through the first spin I sat down and went right back. sure it was three and a half hours of content, but when the music is as good as Triangle it's hard to deny yourself the privilege of diving into the record and falling more in love than you ever thought possible.

It's always rad when a band shoots for the stars and succeeds. Triangle is a release that, on paper, would kind of disgust me - it seems like it should be pretentious and overblown, but somehow the bnd manages to make a release that draws you in and never quite spits you out. Once you listen to Triangle once an indelible mark is left on the listener and you find yourself coming back time and time again, in love with a soundworld that is unique to Schammasch and which goes above and beyond what I, and many others thought possible.

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