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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Winterhorde - Maestro

Winterhorde is one of those progressive metal bands who, from the outside at least don't necessarily make an impression - but once you start digging into teir record force you to realize that this band is really that damn good. With a powerful mix of cleans growls, stunning orchestrations, and a grandiose sense of forward motion that few of their peers would ever dare to match, Winterhorde has used Maestro to prove once and for all that they are among the best of the best, masters of their own obscene reality.

Unlike so many of their progressive metal peers Winterhorde have a strong understanding of what it means to be a progressive metal band. While a lot of prog metal groups don't really deliver on the level that they should, Winterhorde are notable to me because their bombastic vocals and epic arrangements come together to form something greater, almost god-like in scale. The fact of the matter is that most bands who play 'prog' these days shouldn't really be playing prog. Winterhorde are among the few who should - the ones with a clear understanding of what this whole thing entails and are able to use this in order to fight their way forward through years of struggle in order to create something greater than themselves.

Is Maestro the prog album of the year? Probably not. But are Winterhorde damn good musicians with a lot to say and who deserve your attention? Yes. They have manage to cultivate a very distinct sound, and their fondness for orchestral moments and powerful arrangements will have you coming back again and again. This is one of those records that's just so goddamn deep you can't help but to revisit it time and time again. Maestro proves that Winterhorde are the real deal, and watching them evolve will be a true pleasure.

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