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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust

Gorguts are the one and only. Invincible, immaculate, the loads of death, masters of destruction, but also so much more. Their last offering, the almighty Pleiades' Dust remains exciting and powerful, but is also wonderfully literate. Luc Lemay has been doing quite a bit of research since his last masterpiece, and this monolithic one song EP is perhaps his greatest statement yet. Based on the story of the legendary "House Of Wisdom" in Baghdad, Lemay and company have cultivated something truly transcendent.

Pleiades' Dust impresses me, ot just because it's Gorguts and Gorguts is always impressive , but because of how the band is able to refine their soundscapes. The stunning guitar work, and the use of contrast help to make this record a dynamic journey, with peaks and valleys that will keep you holding your breath in anticipation. Of course things remain gruesomely technical, but that's only the start of the madness that has come to define this record. The sweeping power of the arrangements leaves you submerged in a lush sonic poem. As you go through Pleiades' Dust you find it stimulating the imagination with all sorts of unique imagery and taking you to worlds you didn't even know existed.

So perhaps some of us might feign disappointment that Gorguts didn't put out a proper album - but guess what, Pleiades' Dust might be even better than any album the band could put out. After all - this is the sort of visionary forward thinking thing that has made Gorguts so great historically. We know there will be more Gorguts albums so why not revel in this? After all, this is one of the most unique creations in the history of death metal, with ambient mastery contrasted with zany riffs, and the impossible to deny realization that Gorguts have once again changed the world.

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