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Monday, May 2, 2016

Katalepsy - Gravenous Hour

Unique Leader has been putting out some of the coolest technical death metal bands lately, they've manage to curate a very specific sound of super busy sounding bands who blast out of the gate and smash you with chugs, squirrely riffs, and a sense of sonic blasphemy that will impress even the most jaded fan. What I'm trying to say is that their latest signing, the almighty Katalepsy is just another example of this. These Russia merchants of death and destruction have come together on their second full length to make you suffer with a balls out attack that is only for the trve.

The simple fact of the matter with Katalepsy is not so much that they are a great band, but that their sound is so dense it's going to be hard for people who aren't devout death metal fans to get into them. That being said - I'm pretty sure they realize this and actually use this as an excuse to go whole ho - and by god is it righteous. The devastating assault of a song like Blindead Sultan only serves as a taster for what the band are able to deliver on Gravenous Hour. Their bass heavy sound (But seriously... those lines) and manic drumming twist the knife of riffy goodness and force you to genuflect in honor of these geniuses.

Gravenous Hour is a powerful statement, a tribute to Katalepsy's unwillingness to compromise and theri desire to put out some of the most face melting riffs known to man. The production, songwriting and execution of this record are all top notch, it just is an incredibly angular listen. There is something wonderfully visceral about the experience of listening to Gravenous Hour though and as the chugs resonate across your speakers and into your heart, you will find yourself raising a fist in honor of the true masters.

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