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Thursday, May 12, 2016

High Fighter - Scars & Crosses

High Fighter are a band who are comfortable borrowing form all over the map, and a band who have managed to use their full length to go above and beyond anything that they accomplished on their debut EP. It means that their latest offering, the almighty Scars & Crosses is a pure musical triumph. The way they push forward with sounds that expand the old school sonic palate of High Fighter is stunning and has the potential to capture the hearts and minds of fans across the globe. The band has transcended stoner rock and created something much greater.

The beauty of Scars & Crosses lies in the way that High Fighter are able to expand from the groups more traditional stoner rock base. Though a lot of the riffs feature the pentatonic crush that defines so much stoner rock, Scars & Crosses is great because of its ability to add touches of black, death and doom metal into the mix and inspire the listener with a sound that is oftentimes otherworldly. Though the music is certainly diverse, Scars & Crosses never sounds like a hodgepodge of styles thrown together. Rather it shows us a band expanding their sonic possibilities and giving us all a chnace to advance and triumph in the modern musical landscape.

High Fighter are clearly very talented musicians and the execution on Scars & Crosses is strong, but not quite flawless. You can tell that the guys (And girl) are still trying to find the core elements that will define the sound for years to come, but it is easy to see that High Fighter are certainly a band who have the potential to stick around. Crushing, brutal, and with the grit to take the world by storm, High Fighter stomp all over your expectations with Scars & Crosses and leave you wondering where the band will go next.

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