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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gutter Instinct - Age Of The Fanatics

Oh Swedish death metal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The simple fact of the matter is that Swedish death metal is super rad, and perhaps the raddest of these bands is Prosthetic Records very own Gutter Instinct, a band who invoke the burning power of the genre and simultaneously move the whole genre forward. The balls out attack represented on their latest offering, the wonderfully punishing Age Of The Fanatics pays tribute to the old masters whilst also hinting at greater things to come.

Overall the execution on Age Of The Fanatics is stunning. In particular the development and implementation of the bottom end is stunning. The buzzing assault that comes in on songs like Counter-Culture allows the listener to fully embrace the basement dwelling vibes of the band. At the same time, the sheer quality of the compositions, and the rhythmic contrasts and overall tightness found on Age Of The Fanatics shows you just how goddamn good Gutter Instinct are. Cynical and bitter, a dark reflection on modern society, perhaps it is appropriate that the band bring in so many black metal elements into their trademark music.

Age Of The Fanatics is a record you can get lost in. Not necessarily because of the breadth of the soundscapes but in the way that the band is able to craft a larger atmosphere with the tripped out guitar solos and crushing rhythm section. The balance between chugs and blast beats is perfect, and few bands understand the intricacy of the genre as well as its balls out depravity as well as Gutter Instinct do. Pulsing and vicious, this is a record that goes for the throat and leaves a pint of blood on the floor.

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