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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mortillery - Shapeshifter

Mortillery are one of those bands who manage to really capture the thrash metal aesthetic, for better or for worse. Their sound is a fun amalgamation of everything from modern thrash to old school Slayer and even touches of skate thrash. This leads to a sound that is pretty damn comfortable, it fits on like a familiar piece of clothing. The band isn't really breaking ground, but they also aren't necessarily aping any particular era of thrash a trap that far too many of the bands peers have been prone to falling into. The band knows what they are trying to do though, and they play with enough conviction to keep me invested for at least a few spins.

Perhaps the main appeal of Mortillery comes from the searing vocals and their ability to layer in over classic thrash tropes. The vocals at times have an almost Vektor-esque quality to them. It gives that exciting modern touch to the music, which in turn gives an interesting twist to the band. That being said – they don't really tackle anything that 'new'. I mean – it seems pretty obvious that the goal of the band isn't to break new ground like many of their neo-thrash peers, but rather to take classic elements to a whole new level and create an amalgamation of sounds that makes for some of the most promising thrash I have heard in a long while.

Mortillery, are if nothing else strong songwriters. They have a distinct aesthetic and they are able to craft songs that meet that aesthetic and which drive forward in a way that is both refreshing and fun. They don't take themselves to seriously and they aren't going to revolutionize the genre. Still Mortillery are a strong representation of where thrash metal is in 2016 and clearly understand how things need to move forward. The some of the best new thrash mixes old and new, and few are better at that than Mortillery.

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