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Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Nachos - Apology

All good things must come to an end – including the almighty Weekend Nachos. That doesn't mean that the band can't go out with one hell of a swan song. I saw the band once, about a year and a half ago now at A389 Bash and it was triumphant. Apology is a stunner of a record, an album that captures all we have historically loved about Weekend Nachos but that also infuses the music with a bombast that forces us to wonder what cold have been. This is a band who know what it means to stomp it out, and the crushing, soul melting majesty of this album makes me realize that Weekend Nachos took the entire genre to the next level.

What impresses me about Apology is that the band did not do the easy thing. They could have very easily just put out a record that was essentially a reprise of all that made the band great and called it a day. But they didn't. What they did was create an album that brings in new elements and elevates the dialog around hardcore. The sludgy magic of a song like 2015, or the prolonged album closer, also titled Apology shows all that Weekend Nachos could have been. Yet, the majority of the meat of this record focuses on things that have historically made the band great. It's a hardcore record that you can come back to again and again because the sound is so vast and impressive that you simply can't ignore its offerings.

So come on out and feel the balls out assault of a band who God forsook. Apology is the most potent statement from a band who made their name on potent statements. Incredibly intelligent, endlessly exciting, and constantly hinting at what could hvae been I can only hope the band decides to have a reunion album. Of course – of all the bands to break up for only a year or two before reuniting, I think we have reason to believe that Weekend Nachos is the most serious, the ones who left their mark on hardcore and now are going disappear for all eternities. Oh Weekend Nachos, you will be missed.

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