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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nervosa - Agony

Nervosa have rapidly taken a place as one of the premier thrash metal bands to come out of Brazil in years. Their sophomore release, the almighty, throat tearing masterpiece that is Agony comes flying out of the gate at you, and forces the listener to bend their knees in honor of these thrash masters. A band who flawlessly blend old and new, Agony proves once and for all just how good Nervosa are, not just as songwriters or musicians, but simply as thrashers. The wide array of influences that impact the sound and allow them to cultivate something greater is truly special. 

The best part of this all female assault has to be frontwoman/bassist Fernanda's wicked growls. Her trademark snarl on tracks like Devastation firmly cements the bands place in the thrash metal canon. Meanwhile, the balls out stomp that comes through n the slower riffs, courtesy of Prika Aramal is delicious. Don't get me wrong though, as Pitchu Ferraz's penchant for blast beats might suggest, Nervosa like it fast, extremely fast even to the point that some of the tracks on this particular release hint at grindcore influences. As a whole though Agony sees Nervosa expanding on their trademark ideas and reminding us that there is a bigger, bolder future for this band than any of us could possibly envision.

There aren't a lot of thrash bands out there these days like Nervosa, I mean how many would have the balls to put out a track with clean vocals after eleven thrash metal ragers? Agony sits somewhere in between the old and new, it has the forward thinking power of Vektor and the old school magic of Kreator. Agony brooks no quarter, it drives forward with a beastlike ferocity and allows you to revel in the blood. Nervosa are vicious, heavy metal maniacs who have the metal worlds eye slowly shifting towards them. Let's see what happens next. 

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