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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eviscerated Panda - So Far, So Good, So Panda

So we sit here with another fun edition of the Eviscerated Panda series, this time with So Far, So Good, So Panda. Tipper is always a fun read, if only because of the evolution her work has gone through over the years. There is something undeniably magical about her work, and it's lovely to get lost in the world of the Reading metal scene. That being said – she is still very much an amateur author, and ome of the mistakes that come as a result of that remain a little frustrating. Of course, the Eviscerated Pana series still has me reading after years, so clearly she's doing something right!

The greatest strength of So Far, So Good, So Panda is also its greatest weakness – the universe I massive. So while on the one hand that means you find yourself regularly visiting familiar haunts nad beloved characters, Tipper occasionally sees herself getting lost down rabbit holes that feel irrleevant, or which could have been helped with a greater emphasis on dialog. That being said, this is perhaps the most action packed installment of the Eviscerated Panda franchise yet. There are massive changes, departures of classic characters and installments of exciting new ones. The story is nowhere near over and I'm excited to see how Tipper chooses to evolve her work as she proceeds.

So yeah – So Far, So Good, So Panda sometimes feels naive or even a little silly, but that's part of the magic. This is a book that reflects something beautiful about the human condition. It focuses on he small dramas of life, the every day occurrences that provide us a way through the normal bullshit that we so often struggle with. With her latest and longest tome Tipper has been able to provide a comforting home for the reader, something that reminds s about the beauty of British metal life, and by God is it good.

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