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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sanzu - Heavy Over The Home

Blackened death metal is one of those things that is always going o interest me. The latest offering from the almighty Sanzu, Heavy Over The Home, a re-issue of their 2015 self release is absolutely stunning. This is a band who understand the sheer bombast that this kind of music is supposed to have, and the twisted might of their attack is guaranteed to hold you in thrall. There is something utterly monolithic and transcendent about Sanzu, as if there face melting riffs an devastating growls will pin you to the ground and eat you back to life.

Few bands out there today are as unapologetically heavy as Sanzu so fearlessly are. The crushing bass lines and balls out stomp of these riffs is the kind of thing that you are almost forced to come back to time and time again. Sanzu, while never too technical, prove the importance of strong songwriting in extreme music. Even their chugs, which at times feel standard issue contribute to a larger narrative and help to evoke a cycle of chaos from which there is no true escape. Sanzu crush with every new side of their sound and as you navigate the nightmare hellscape of which they are the masters the more you fall in love with there Bosch-esque reality.

At the end of the day, Sanzu have captured my imagination because of their ability to invoke a sound that simply can't help but impress. This is the rare band who go for the throat and then maintain the chokehold. Rather than trying to stun with crazy riff after crazy riff they have cultivated a slow burn and their gradual devastation is going to leave you suffering, a slave forever wanting more from the lords of a genre that perhaps is only just now coming of age. Heavy Over The Home may have been out for a while, but you shouldn't dare to ignore it.

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