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Friday, June 24, 2016

Dawn Of Disease - Worship The Grave

Dawn Of Disease are one of those wonderful death metal bands who seem dedicated to helping us to see the future, past and present of the genre simultaneously. While there are moments that seem to fall into the melodeath category, the band is not afraid to mimic Morbid Angel at time, and at others hint at some of the ideas proposed by some of the most forward thinking death metal bands to have put out records in recent years. Beyond all of that though, there is an overarching sentiment that Dawn Of Disease rock.

These riff are oftentimes monstrous in scale, and this band is clearly turned on to some wonderfully dark shit. The thing is – unlike so many of their peers who seem to becaught up in the same death metal circle jerk Dawn Of Disease have taken the time to focus on things like songwriting. So yes, there are moments of insanity, but they are tempered by a band who understand the importance of balance in a record. In many ways – the sheer quality and execution of what Dawn Of Disease do on Worship The Grave is only truly comparable to a band like Amon Amarth. They still aren't quite batting on that bands level – but they seem to be in a position to get awfully close.

Worship The Grave isn't always tightly polished. If we're being honest thee are a few moments that feel a little clunky. That's okay though, because it all contributes to a greater whole that is relentlessly addictive. In a world where so many bands are simply emulating the last big trend, Dawn Of Disease stand as a proud product of their scene, fresh, exciting and ready to rumble. Rather than pussyfoot about with standard death metal tropes they embrace the darkness of the music, grab you by the throat and prove that they are doing their best. 

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