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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Defiled - Towards Inevitable Ruin

Defiled are one of those weird gems of the underground who I doubt I will ever properly understand. Their unique mix of technical death metal with gutter punk and their trademark lo fi production, DIY ethic and incredibly forward thinking idiom makes for some of the most bizarre death metal you will ever hear. So now, five years in the making, their latest record Towards Inevitable Ruin sees the Japanese metal maniacs driving towards a new and bolder future that few of their peers dare to emulate.

This is a band who have always been hard to get into and Towards Inevitable Ruin is not doing the band any favors. However for many of us it is precisely that, the secretive cultish nature of the bands following that make them so appealing. After all, how many bands do you know who eschew touring the states in favor of counties like Nepal, China and India? So yes, Towards Inevitable Ruin oftentimes sounds rather chunky an hard to get into - but that's part of the point. If you were easily able to embrace what this band was about then the apocalyptic demented magic of their music would be utterly meaningless.

Towards Inevitable Ruinis an old school death metal fans modern death metal record. In other words it features all of the harsh madness that the classics featured but showcases a ton of the crippling might that modern death metal is known or. Defiled have never fit into an y real paradigms and to try and force them to would be frankly ridiculous. Rather one needs to embrace this weird, world changing band for who they are and realize that at then of the day it's the records like this one that truly matter .

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