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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion

Dust Bolt - a thrashers thrash metal band. Just look at the ridiculous thrash metal magic apparent in pretty much all of their album art and every song they put out. What gets me about this band is that they show that they can do pretty much any genre of metal, but they always manage to turn it back into thrash madness. That's the thing about Mass Confusion, for some reason it can draw you in and get you screaming along no matter what kind of metal you like, simply because Dust Bolt are that freaking talented.

This is a band who never especially tried to break the rules or revolutionize thrash metal. Instead, as far as I have understood it, Dust Bolt have always been content to build on old paradigms and remind us why this is some of the best music ever. There is a lighthearted power to what Dust Bolt do on  Mass Confusion even if they do deal with some more serious topics. The thing is this band understand the inherent magic this kind of music can have. They push forward with a burning dedication to their craft that few bands bother to follow through with on these days. Perhaps THAT is what gets me off here, in a world of apathy, Dust Bolt care.

Mass Confusion is a potent listen. It satisfies every desire you could have from a thrash metal album and encourages you to come back an revisit it time and time again. Not because these guys are pulling a Vektor and changing the world but rather because there is something almost... comfortable about Mass Confusion. It shows us the true love that goes into any heavy metal record of merit and gets your fist in the air and voice raised. This is thrash for the modern age, guiding us through the city of ignorance and towards finding the light. 

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