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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Final Sign - Hold High The Flame

Final Sign are waaaaay too much fucking fun for a Monday night being spent feeling sad with my cat. They are the rare US power metal band where the musicians can actually play and are clearly part of something larger than themselves. Their latest offering Hold High The Flame is exciting and powerful, chock full of potent riffs and epic vocals. It shows us a band on the verge of greatness, still refining their sound but clearly possessing all the talent required to truly, and definitively succeed in 2016.

Hold High The Flame is, when the band plays to their strengths, one of the best power metal records of the year. When they do the things they are not so great at... the album suffers. As I put it to one friend, "I love it when the singer imitates Dickinson and hate when he imitates D'Ianno" The dude has some amazing fucking pipes - I don't understand why he doesn't take full advantage of them. Otherwise - in terms of songwriting, when the band goes balls out and epic things are majestic, some of the thrashier and punkier riffs feel a little out of place. But Final Sign is still growing - and things are clearly very exciting in their camp!

This is a record that represents all that the US power metal scene can be and shows us that there is a path to greatness in a scene that is so often ruined by 16 year olds who don't know what they are doing. old High The Flame is, if nothing else, a fun listen, and one that is a veritable tour de force of a band starting to seriously find its stride. Just listen to the high energy riffing on the title track - it's impossible to deny that Final Sign aren't on to something special here. They understand why this music is and always will be exciting and that's a damn good reason to listen. 

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