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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Worshipper - Shadow Hymns

My brain is fried - let's be up front about that right now. That being said - Tee Pee Records rule so I kind of feel obligated to scrawl down some words about their latest offering, the dynamic, the titanic Shadow Hymns the most recent release from the Worshipper camp. A strong stoner doom record, the band has a penchant for slightly silly, always bombastic lyrics and clearly understands the modern doom polemic. Even though they play into a lot of tropes they do it well, making for a fun repeat listen.

One thing I can say about Worshipper is that they have an incredible understanding of modern stoner rock riffing. The execution on a song like Step Behind is absolutely flawless and shows all that the band are capable of. It's just frustrating to me that the band has such a fondness for cheesy lyrics. It leaves me wanting more and feeling like this band is rather entry level (Not that that's a bad thing) Still - there is something charismatic to the inherent bombast of Shadow Hymns it gives the entire album a sense of fun and makes me want to come back to it. In a world where stoner doom has become a very serious thing for some fucking reason, Worshipper provide release.

With strong performances throughout (The vocals are absolutely stunning!) I feel like Worshipper are starting to really come into their own. These guys are clearly incredibly talented musicians and listening to the solos alone gets me excited. They have perfectly processed the music of people like Pentagram and turned it into what is very much their own interpretation of classic ideas. I want to love Worshipper more than I do - but I get the distinct impression that as they grow it will become impossible to deny their might.

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