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Monday, July 4, 2016

Ringworm - Snake Church

Ringworm are one of the hardest touring bands in America and as a result have developed a wonderful sense of swagger and a balls out sonic attack that few of their peers can match. Ringworm know that they are doing things right and they know that death metal is not for the faint of heart so when they come roaring out of the gates, a ball of fury and rage it's hard to not want to dive straight into the pit. Snake Church is a reaction against all the worlds bullshit and a healthy reminder that we should face tomorrow with a sneer.

I think what gets me about Snake Church is that it represents a lot more diversity than Ringworms previous output. Sure, most things fall into the bands distinct brand of hardcore meets death metal, but a song like Fear The Silence shows that the band is willing to embrace the more sludge metal side of things. Ringworm have historically been all about the rage, and it's fun to watch them do that, but there is also something strangely liberating in the realization that Ringworm have started to grow up. Within the bitchin' solos and crazy riffs the band has started to embrace exciting and darker moments in their sound.

I feel like with such a glut of bands its easy for a group like Ringworm to be forgotten, but they have been grinding at it for 25 years and Snake Church is merely their latest and greatest statement. This is a band who understand the spirit of metal and the burning power of a genre that has cased so many of us to throw our lives away. Snake Church is an album for the ages and an album that will represent a next step for a band who have changed lives. So dive in, feel the rage and embrace their bloody tomorrow.

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