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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Revocation - Great Is Our Sin

So here's something I didn't totally expect from the new Revocation - more brutality, but also more clean vocals. Dave Davidson and his merry men have never been afraid to break the rules and expand on what Revocation can be, and with Great Is Our Sin we see no exception. Filled with the bands trademark guitar flash, punishing rhythms and Dave's dominating death growl the and has expanded their sound far beyond what anyone ever though possible - bringing in touches of modern metal ad proving that this band is one of the most important in the world.

The thing that has appealed to me about Revocation over the years is that they, unlike so many of this peers have had a very clear personal aesthetic. Great Is Our Sin though is perhaps the bands greatest expansion on this paradigm. Yes - there are a lot of classic Revocaion elements here, but the overall tone - even from the first song with its clean chorus and exceptionally heavy bass line suggests that Revocation are on to something different here and it - as usual - is glorious. The band has found the heart of the evil that inspires them and driven their manic sound to a wonderfully vicious and frankly unholy new level.

This is a band ho can do no evil. Who put out records at an unheard of pace and who dictate the evolution of the scene with apparently every album. Revocation are the band who, twenty years from now, we are going to turn around and pay homage to. This is the band who are unafraid to do things their way and who have the proper understanding of manic mind melting death metal to execute flawlessly. Great Is Our Sin is probably Revocations most 'death metally' offering yet - and as such it is unquestionably the death metal album of the year.

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