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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sick Shit, Escuela, Ides and Meek Is Murder at Aviv

So Aviv is the new ABC No Rio - or the temporary ABC No Rio and the longtime Acheron replacement. Or something. Maybe there are cats involved too? Point being - Aviv is a great fucking spot, and closer to my house than Acheron was (So really damn close) It's got a wonderful underground punk vibe, and though the bar in the back doesn't sell cheap beer anymore and you are no longer allowed to smoke inside, it seems like with the recent shutdowns of a few legendary NYC venues we are seeing ourselves move on to something far greater.

I got to the venue a little late, but not too late to catch the full Sick Shit set. The band is wonderfully heavy, punishing hardcore guitar tones, vicious vocals and a powerful stage presence come together for an exciting performance.There is a very real sense of crushing depression behind the band. They understand the very real suburban struggle that so many American have to deal with and they capture it in their riff heavy skate happy brand of hardcore. Are they breaking a bunch of rules and changing the world? No. But do they give kids who are hurting a chance to love life again? Very much so - and that's why the band touched my heart.

Escuela came out all the way from Ithaca for this show and went straight from this gig to another in Poughkeepsie so you have to admire their dedication if nothing else. That being said - they played a really fun of powerviolence influenced hardcore with powerful and passionate lyrics that reflect a tormented and distinctly lower class reality. I mean - it's been forever since I've been to a hardcore show and it's bands like Escuela that fill out the scene and keep us coming back time and time again. If a band has the sort of burning rage that drives the music forward like Escuela it's hard not to fall at least a little bit in love.

Back in my more hardcore days Ides were a major player on the scene, and from what I understand, their burning band of hardcore still makes them a staple. Their athletic frontwoman, with her powerful stage presence guided the band through a brief but intense set and got quite a pit going. It suddenly struck me during the bands set that there were three women fronting these bands - I'm not sure what that says about the state of hardcore, but it certainly means something. The point being - Ides are tight - they play potent riffs, their songs ebbing and flowing wonderfully and their understanding of hardcore songwriting is top notch, making them a blast live.

Finally the hour was nigh for Meek is Murder who, despite the fact that I have seen them tons of times they remain one of my favorite Brooklyn bands to watch. The thing is these gs are incredibly humble. They just got off an incredibly successful European tour and yet they still came out to play the punk rock paradise that is Aviv in front of a few dozen kids on a Saturday afternoon. You've got to admire those ethics. Beyond that of course - Meek Is Murder rule live, there stage presence is unmatched, everyone is just so goddamn into it that you can't help but to fall in love with the beast that they have created

So yeah - Aviv fucking rules. Matinee shows are the best, they give you a chance to see some wonderful bands and then take the rest of the evening for yourself. To spend some time with your cat and reflect on life, and perhaps more importantly, what you have witness. Today reminded me why I love hardcore, the reason that these shows compel me so. Life is more than just you and me, it's about these movements that get us to do silly things and throw our lives away - this is hardcore and this is real.

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