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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Powerwolf - The Metal Mass Live

Powerwolf have long been one of my favorite bands n the world .I mean they are just so stupid, over the top and gloriously silly. They are a and who understand the burning power of power metal and invoke all sorts of bizarre rituals when they play live. This is a band who are wonderfully silly and totally aware of it, and that only adds to their blazing glory. Everyone needs a little bit of rock and roll dumbassery in their lives, and it only helps when it is as brilliantly put together and tastefully constructed as the music of Powerwolf.

I've long felt that Powerwolf is at their best when they are playing live. They get massive sing a longs going, periodic cries of "Hallelujah!" and just a general air of triumph, the sort that defines any good live record. You can feel the bands raw energy and the pleasure they take in playing. Their joy is absolutely infectious. You find yourself pumping your hair to the sky and screaming along, from your couch. The Metal Mass Live reminds me of everything that I love about power metal as a whole. Powerwolf are basically what would happen if you take Ghost to the logical extreme, and if you can't get behind two hours of THAT, then I feel very sorry for you.

So go out - turn this shit up all the way and enjoy a gigantic Latin chorus with massive guitars, epic synths and a sense of rock and roll hedonism that few of the bands peers could ever live up to. The Metal Mass Live captures the inherent beauty of a band who seem destined for the festival stage and who could very well take over the world. I love when writing for this blog turns into a fun Saturday of yelling power metal lyrics and that's exactly what this album did for me. You know you want tha shit in your life.

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