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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sodom - Decision Day

We are facing a lot of decisions these days. Clinton or Trump. Brexit or Stay. Bomb the fuck out of ISIS or try to come up with a more reasonable solution. Y'know - we have some heavy shit to deal with. Sodom realize this, and their latest offering Decision Day reflects that. A band who have ALWAYS been forward thinking, over the course of their 30 plus year career, Sodom is back with their first full length in three years. In just a few short minutes, Sodom prove that they are still German thrash gods.

What I love about this record is that even though Sodom could very easily go back to the same tired old tropes they really expand their sound. while some of the bands trademark caveman thrash is still visible here, Decision Day is by and large a far more technical release an one that shwocases a much more varied sound than one typically expects from a band called Sodom. Yet every song here is tastefuly done, vicious and at times even pushes the boundaries of the genre, not a lot, but it definitely pushes and it definitely makes for some interesting listen. I wasn't expecting this to be a top thrash record of the year... but here we are!

Angelripper and his merry men have pulled it off again, blasting forward with all of their trademark grit, but more than a little vicious heavy metal revelry. There is something cathartic about diving into the demented choruses, violent riffs and punishing grooves that define Decision Day. Sodom punish you, blasting forward time and time again to show us the bitter darkness of a world that failed. It may not be our decision day, not yet at least, but such is life for the band that, as their final song says, refused to die. 

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