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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morrow - Covenant Of Teeth

Halo Of Flies has always been one of my favorite labels, and their latest offering, this time from London doomsters Morrow speaks to the greatness of the label. The record, Covenant Of Teeth (A badass album title if there ever was one) starts out with a few minutes of ambient sound, creating an air of mystery before diving into some punishing and enlightening music. Balancing dark and light with monolithic riffs and monochromatic soundscapes Fathom hit every doom trope and then some, expanding on a sound we all love.

I know it's easy to dismiss a lot of these doom bands as self masturbatory, and it's true that a lot of them do fall into the same bored traditions, but Morrow seem willing to break the rules a bit more. They do so much on Covenant Of Teeth that is straight up weird and unorthodox that to ignore their inherent power and the burning magic of all that they have created would be remiss. Their tone is great and their execution top notch. As a whole the songwriting is very strong, and though some parts drag on a bit, they tap more into the meditative than the boring. There is a potent sense of forward motion here, and the brooding cello that defines the album proves that Morrow are apparently destined to be among the legends of the genre.

Unafraid to sit back and force you to dig into weird soundscapes, using every moment for its maximum beauty, Covenant Of Teeth is a record that makes you think, and is worth many a listen. This is an album that builds on traditions and hints at greater things to come. It's from a band who have been creating great music for years now and their unique sensibilities make their music incredibly interesting to me. They have gone to a much rehashed genre and found something new, something truly great.

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