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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion

Spirit Adrift is one of my favorite doom bands to come out in recent years and I listen to them all. Chained To Oblivion, the bands debut offering is a stone cold stunner - filled with Pallbearer-esque guitarmonies, potent vocal performances and a sense of overarching triumph. The music found here guides us into strange soundworlds and opens up doors that most never even knew existed - guiding us into the mist time after time and unveiling treasures with each successive offering. It makes this record a charmer from bottom to top.

Chained To Oblivion is a masterpiece. While it certainly wears its influences on its sleeve it is also very much its own thing. It is an album that reeks of doom metals trademark extravagance. There is a wonderful sense of bombast throughout and it allows you explore the broken realities that Chained To Oblivion so blissfully paint. Spirit Adrift is beautiful, elegant and touching. Chained To Oblivion forces you to confront a weird world, one that expands the aural capacities of doom metal without compromising on what this type of music should be. It's a journey and one that you should revisit time after time.

This is a record that as infinite replay value, it is just as intricate as the album art would suggest. Yet, as opposed to what the art might imply, Chained To Oblivion has an incredible range of musical colors, from darker hues to moments that are truly hopeful. To fully appreciate all that Nate Garrett and co have done here you have to sit back, chill out and fully absorb the power of this record for spin after spin. Spirit Adrift may very well be the next new great force in doom, so if you have long hair and a big beard, get on it. 

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