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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Horseback - Dead Ringers

Horseback has always been an amazing band to me - an act who every few years come out with a stunning piece of art and then sort of fades back into obscurity while the next masterpiece comes together. This is Horseback's first real release since 2012's split with Locrian and boy does it deliver. It has all of the weird, tripped out low key magic that a Horseback record should have. It shows us that this project remains endlessly exciting and still has the potential to keep us coming back, in awe of what the band has achieved.

There is, as always, something weirdly entrancing about Horseback. Dead Ringers is possibly their most chilled out psychedelic release yet. It's an album that keeps us wandering through the dark and unsure of what the band can be. It's a release that forces us to look deep into ourselves and face that horrid inner hatred. Yet at the same time Dead Ringers feels rather understated. It feels like a record that strips back a lot of Horseback's stereotypical elements and allows us to appreciate the band for the core of what they are. Dead Ringers is an adventure, an adventure that encourages us to drive forward and get to the spirit of outer sound.

Since receiving the promo for Dead Ringers a few days ago I have found myself drawn back time and time again. There is something endlessly entrancing about what's been done here - and it has all of the unity that a good Horseback record should have. It's something that becomes a part of you - as if the deeper you wander into the strange world of Horseback the more obvious it becomes that listening to this band is almost an interactive process. It guides you through a storm of swords and allows you to fall in love once more.

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