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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Devil To Pay - A Bend Through Space And Time

Devil To Pay is quite the rock and roll band. They storm out of the gate all guns blazing and don't let up for a single cotton picking minute. This is another great Ripple release from a band who understand what rock should sound like in 2016. A Bend Through Space And Time is a fun listen, one that pays tribute to the bombast of the 70s scene with powerful guitar harmonies, epic vocals and some surprisingly fun lyrics. This is the sort of record that invokes something greater and guides us into a demented future.

I think the main thing for me with A Bend Through Space And Time is the superior guitar work. The songs are simply exciting to listen too, and that's largely due to pentatonic based guitar riffs that, rather than aping Sleep find a place of their own. There is something strangely magical about what Devil To Pay have invoked here, they found the burning spirit of heavy metal and it's hard not to fall in love with their unholy creation time and time again. A Bend Through Space And Time is an exciting listen that is hard to put down after only one spin. It has a lot more to unpack and begs the listener to re-examine their world.

It's easy to fall in love with A Bend Through Space And Time. For every crazy spaced out guitar solo, there is a track like Your Inner Lemmy. For every drawn out vocal howl there is a wild and crazy guitar riff to balance it out. This is an album that finds the spirit of heavy metal magic and shows the same furious passion that set all of our hearts on fire back when we were young and reckless. Devil To Pay get what we want out of a rock and roll level and they make sure to deliver on every possible level.

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